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Our approach

Trust CoLab combines the techniques of scenario planning with those of online crowdsourcing.

Scenario planning

Scenario planning is a tool used by many organizations to think systematically about what changes might occur in the future and how those changes could affect the decisions they need to make in the short to medium term.

Scenario planning exercises are traditionally conducted among groups in face-to-face workshops.

Face-to-face meetings allow for rich interaction but also involve significant travel costs and require participants to commit to being away from their daily work for an extended period of time.

Online crowdsourcing

Trust CoLab uses crowdsourcing in its scenario development process by enaging participaints via an online platform, which allows a flung group to work together with less expense and greater convenience.

This allows for contributions by many individuals, with a broad range of expertise from many relevant fields, all participating during brief intervals, when it suits them.  

For example, Trust CoLab will engage researchers working to discover new drug and therapies, health care providers, patient/consumer advocates, policy makers, and executives from pharmaceutical companies, health insurers, and standards setting organizations.

By bridging disciplinary and geographic boundaries with technology, and by inviting experts to engage over brief intervals, when they are able, we hope to gain deeper insights into the possible future role of trust and quality in the health care.